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We would like to welcome media and Rowing NZ partners to a Media morning.


An opportunity for media to capture vision and do interviews with the squad members off to compete at World Rowing Cup II and crew members off to compete at the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta. For Rowing NZ Partners it's an opportunity to see and chat to the team before they depart.


When: Wednesday 3 April
Where: Rowing NZ (outside the boat shed)
Time: 8am


  • Breakfast and hot drinks will be provided.
  • Camera operators and Rowing NZ partners will be invited on the barge at 8am.
  • Lifejackets will be provided (please wear warm clothing).
  • Interviews will commence at 9:45am.
  • Covid restrictions need to be adhered to, please wear a mask and if you are sick please do not attend this event.
To RSVP for Media Morning, please complete the form below. Media also please complete the field 'Interview requests' using the list of athletes/staff below the form as your reference.


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NZ Rowing Team to compete at 2024 World Rowing Cup II in Lucerne, Switzerland 24 – 26 May


Women’s Single Scull

Emma Twigg, Hawkes Bay Rowing Club

Coach: Mike Rodger


Women’s Double Scull

Lucy Spoors, Canterbury Rowing Club

Brooke Francis, Waikato Rowing Club

Coach: James Coote


Women’s Lightweight Double Scull

Jackie Kiddle, Star Boating Club

Shannon Cox, Canterbury Rowing Club

Coach: James Coote


Women’s Coxless Four

Jackie Gowler, Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club

Davina Waddy, Canterbury Rowing Club

Kerri Williams, Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club

Phoebe Spoors, Canterbury Rowing Club

Coach: Tom Stannard


Men’s Single Scull

Tom Mackintosh, Hawkes Bay Rowing Club

Coach: Gary Roberts


Men’s Double Scull

Robbie Manson, Waikato Rowing Club

Jordan Parry, Tauranga Rowing Club

Coach: Gary Roberts


Men’s Coxless Pair

Dan Williamson, Auckland Rowing Club

Phillip Wilson, Petone Rowing Club

Coach: Malcolm McIntyre


Men’s Coxless Four

Matt Macdonald, North Shore Rowing Club

Tom Murray, Blenheim Rowing Club

Logan Ullrich, Waikato Rowing Club

Oliver Maclean, North Shore Rowing Club

Coach: Mike Rodger


Reserve Men’s Pair

Ben Taylor, Avon Rowing Club

Campbell Crouch, Waikato Rowing Club

Coach: Malcolm McIntyre


NZ Rowing Team to compete at 2024 Final Olympic Qualification Regatta in Lucerne, Switzerland 19 - 21 May


Women’s Coxless Pair

Alana Sherman, Waikato Rowing Club

Kate Haines, Waikato Rowing Club

Coach: Nick Barton


Women’s Quad

Isabella Carter, Avon Rowing Club

Kathryn Glen, Avon Rowing Club

Georgia Nugent-O’Leary, Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club

Laura Glen, Avon Rowing Club

Coach: Calvin Ferguson


Men’s Quad

Ben Mason, Avon Rowing Club

Flynn Watson, Avon Rowing Club

Zack Rumble, Avon Rowing Club

Jack Ready, Auckland Grammar Rowing Club

Coach: Nick Barton

Reserves to support the team


Women’s Reserve Pair (to race at World Cup II)

Stella Clayton-Greene, Hauraki Plains Rowing Club

Ella Cossill, Waikato Rowing Club

Coach: Nick Barton


Women's Single reserve

Charlotte Spence, Auckland Rowing Club

Calvin Ferguson (Coach)


Men’s Single reserve

Jamie Hindle-Daniels, Wellington Rowing Club

Nick Barton (Coach)


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